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It’s Always Good To Tell The Truth Essay

Life is full of deception in assorted forms, ranging from the magic shows for recreational purpose to strategic consideration in wars of ancient times.As a result, some people may take telling a lie as granted due to its commonity. However, i vote for the confession as the most significant trait when it comes to handle people since keeping the truth bridges a good relationship within them by creating more senses of integrity and honesty which are core values and foundation in the relationship development.

First, always showing the genuine side towards your family members can help us to build a healthy and merry family, especially given the children adoption. In the family, if the children are lied and cheated by parents-the closet people in their world, even for some minor staffs, they are more likely to feel distrust and unloved by their parents afterwards. In the long term, they may refuse to listen to the parents any more,even worse, they may hate and imitate parents to lie as well which create an intense relationship within the family. According to the statistic, most of the adolescent problems such as drug and smoke abuse, young crime commitment like steal and robbery are the results of such bad family relationship. Thereby, always acknowledging the truth amounts to the display of love and respect towards family members which correspondingly contributes to a happy ending.

Secondly, always behaving honesty instead of being too adulated and sophisticated towards friends and colleges also brings us advantages more than we realized. Whether we’re in the universities and working in the companies, being frank surely help us build a trustworthy image in the public that in turn benefits in varieties ways: we’re likely to make more new friends due to the integrity we show, we’re likely to get more recognision from boss and advance our career because of our fair -mind towards all the faked and unjustified work, we’re likely to empowered more confidence and courage handling difficulties as we will become more upfront and loyal towards ourselves to respect the truth. These are the wealth beyond our realization brought by truth if we pursue and stick to.

Admittedly, lying might avoid people from getting hurt or embarrassed in some┬ádegree. For example, we might say the girl is still pretty even she’s fat to protect her pride. However, humans are not weak, in fact the protection we regard works nothing to the girl except the lies, she may continue to get fatty since no one reminds or suggests her take exercises to lose weight. Lies even with good intention safeguard nothing but the continuity of tragedy.

To summarize, no legacy is so rich as honesty and truth, which worth our whole life to pursue and defend whatever relationship we’re engaged in between people.

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