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Issuing the Draft Essay

In response to the first argument in favor of volunteer enlistment, I would counter that the overall effect would continue to support the status quo in that privileged and wealthy Americans would not have an urgent need to enlist. Due to this economic division between classes, the lower class sector would continue to be the majority of soldiers because of a lack of better options in civilian society. In this general sense the moral of the ‘volunteer’ would not increase but would remain either indifferent or resentful.

Making the draft mandatory could be seen as an equalizing force that supports the doctrine that ‘all men are created equal,’ whether or not that be the case. Response to second argument: Responding to the second argument against the draft due to the lack of funding by the part of the government, I would contend that the volunteering aspect would cut the overall size of the military because of the negative perspective that the government is mis-appropriating their funds.

If this were the case, volunteers would feel no urgent necessity to enlist because they would feel their efforts would not be recognized or supported sufficiently enough to warrant such a life changing decision. Although I agree that volunteers who join causes they believe in will ultimately perform with more vigor, in this case the moral boost would be ever-vanishing.

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