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Issues Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Ethical issues

There are numerous ethical issues involved in any organization. Such include, provision of corrupted financial statements by the organization, poor advertising practices, and failure to engage in interactional justice practices in addressing conflicting situation in the organization. This essay seeks to gives a discussion on three business problems that challenge the sustainable economic development of an investment. A discussion on viable solution to these ethical issues is also given by the author. The importance on ethical practices in business can be evident the in failure of numerous corporations due to financial scandals. Among the many, WorldCom and Enron corporation remains eminently quoted in the twenty first century. According to available information, WorldCom Corporation had been involved in a number of…

Diversity Issues

It does not create a mouth-opening effect on us when we get to know any issue related to sexual harassment that is happening somewhere in the country, whether it is any organization, community, educational institution, or village. It is because there is no such country in the world that has totally eliminated this issue, even if they have, then other diversity issues such as, discrimination, hatred, and glass-ceiling occur. The paper would discuss an article about sexual harassment, analyze the legal concerns, and highlight the thoughts regarding the issue. Introduction Sexual harassment is a term that is used to define any act of harassment where a person or employee “makes continued, unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other…

Critical Issues in Learning

Processes of learning and the transfer of learning are critical to realize how human beings develop their competencies. Learning is critical as nobody is born with a capability to perform aptly as an adult in society. More importantly, it is necessary to understand the types of learning experiences and critical issues involve within that lead to transfer. Transfer is a capability to extend the knowledge that has been acquired in one context to other context. Educators say that students transfer their learning from one problem to other during a course, from one class in school to other class, between educational institutions and their homes, and from educational institutions to workplaces. Such assumptions regarding transfer of learning involves the belief that…

Policy issues affecting the police

Just like any other department in the government, the police force is largely influenced by the policy issues that the government adopts. Be it new laws or strategies, they have to adjust their operations so as to fit what the policies dictate. The duty of the police is to maintain law and order and in doing this they have to incorporate policies set by the government. As it will be shown in this paper, these policy issues may affect the activities of the police force such that they may have to completely change their modes of operations to fit the government’s requirements.