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ISO 4217 Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Amopan Getting There

Ethno quest: Getting There 1.) I will be in Amopan for 1 year, the reason being is in order to accurately observe a full annual cycle of Amopan village life, which will allow me to make reasonable documentation of their ways of life and culture. 2.) My total budget is $11,270 U.S dollars. 3.) the proposal took 6 months to get approved the reason being because there were over 200 proposals submitted that needed to be reviewed in depth, and only 20 were carefully selected to funded. 4.) The exchange rate between U.S dollar and Mexican peso is 10pesos to $1.00 dollar. However todays current exchange is 13.25 pesos to $1.00. 5.) Amopan is Northeast of Mexico City 6.) It…