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Is Your Beauty More Important Than Your Health? Essay

Is your beauty more important than your health? How much are you willing to pay for the price of beauty?In our day, many of us spend tones of money on beauty products to look better, but unfortunately sometimes the short-term look is not worth the long-term damage that such products can do to our skin. You expect the food you buy to be safe, and there are huge public outcries when it isn’t, yet the same demanding standarts are not universally applied to cosmetic companies.

Recently ,people have been more aware of the food they consume. The food companies, which realized this sensitivity of consumers started to be honest and open to public with the ingredients they use in their products. After learning about the ingredients, people tend to consume more organic foods and foods that have more unsaturated substances than saturated. But the big question is this, if the people are so sensitive with their food intake, why don’t they have the same awareness for the products they use for their physical appearance?

Many products that women use in our day, contain chemicals that endanger their health in a long period. The government surveys the beauty industry but it does not approve the products before they are sold in stores. Cosmetic companies are only required to list needed ingredients in their products, not the by products that could have been manifest during manufacturing. You may think that natural, organic or hypo-allergic products are healthier and not harmful as other manufactured chemicals, but there are no precepts for them too. The companies are allowed to add any ingredients they wish for, and any kind of label on the package that withstands them selves. Beauty products certify users to commerce with over 126 chemicals that are not tested, aside with legal and known ingredients.

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