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Is there any danger in relying on a system like SAIGA? Essay

1.In what manner does SAIGA act as an MIS and DSS?
For DSS, which supports problem specific decision making, SAIGA acts in the same manner by doing the following:
Provides useful charts that managers review to spot patterns and problems in scheduling and resources.
Assists in management making effective decisions.
Assists management with allocating resources.
As far as MIS, which helps an organization “do things right”, SAIGA act in this manner by doing the following:
Decline in flight delays
More appropriate and timely assignment in resources
Faster turnaround time for flights
Faster through time for passengers
Reduced Operating costs
Directing passengers to parking stands and gates
2.Why is scheduling of this scale best left to information systems such as SAIGA rather than to human managers? With the ongoing list of tasks that are provided with the operations of an airport as listed in the Case 1 Studies, being able to deliver the efficient outcome of all of these resources is beyond the skills of any person, and unfortunately, to leave to a human manager leaves more room for human error. One could not successfully be obligated to do all of the following without sufficient flaws:

Parking Stands
Fuel Trucks
Check-In Counters
Luggage Conveyor Belts
Variety of Ground Equipment
With the assistance of SAIGA, this is all possible and it additionally provides a way to reduce stress and increase the overall Profit Net Margin while assisting with day to day operations.

1. What other industries might benefit from an information like SAIGA? Other industries might benefit from an information system like SAIGA: Hospitals
Nursing Homes
School Systems
City Buses / Transportation Offices
Commercial Businesses

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