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Is technology a boon or a bane Essay

Technology offers us an escape to inconvenience and makes work lighter and provocative. Personally, technology gives me a lot of benefits. Tasks get lighter, distance gets shorter, communication gets faster, to reiterate some. In my field of work, I use MP3 attached to a speaker to play the songs I want to teach the kids; having said that, I always make sure that I know the song really well that in case of some technical difficulties like interruption of electric power supply or empty batteries, I can still teach the song without using my MP3. Same case when I’m using PowerPoint Presentation. I always have backups.

Though technology makes our lives easier, as a teacher we are still reminded that technology will not reach the inner soul of the children. We need to look them in the eye while presenting the lesson through the projector. We need to hold them when we present the sense of touch. We need to utter the words to them when we want them to understand and truly learn the lesson.

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