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Is Love More Powerful Than Hate? Essay

In our brains love and hate are right next to each other, but which one is more powerful? Hate, makes people physically aggressive, unreasonable, consequently very dangerous but in order to hate you have to love, first. You might say you hate someone without even knowing them, but how do you know you hate them? Do you have a reason to hate them? Maybe not or maybe yes. But if you do hate them then that means you once loved them and even if you hate them you still care about them and still care about their feelings. You might say I hate you to everyone but hate is a strong word and you might hurt their feelings, so you have to think before I say “I hate you”.

Do you really mean it? Or are you saying it just to hurt their feelings? If you’re saying it to hurt their feelings it’s because you care about their feelings and you don’t hate them, you love them. Love can also be dangerous because love can lead to hate. For example, when you’re on a relationship and the guy finds out you’re cheating on him, if he loves you so much he’ll probably get very angry and ager leads to hate, or he’ll let it go. In depends on the person. Everyone has a different meaning for love and hate. Hate is destructive, not powerful.

Love can destruct hate. But can hate destruct love? No, because love can heal the hate that you have for that person. Hate might be dangerous but it’s not powerful, how do you know you hate someone? In your brain, the feeling, love and hate are right next to each other so you can’t tell if what you are doing is for love or because you could do something you think is for love but really is for hate or the other way around. But again if you hate someone that means you once loved them and you can heal the hate that you have for them, so in my opinion love is more powerful than hate.

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