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Is Civil Servant an Ideal Job? Essay

In the past several years, civil servant has been considered as one of the most ideal job. A large amount of people take part in the Civil Servant Exam looking forward to become a civil servant inspire of the all the obstacles. As for me, I am not so fond of being a civil servant. To begin with, we can get a guaranteed job to make a promising living rather than confining ourselves to be a civil servant. There is no doubt that being a civil servant can provide a stable life with all kinds of insurance and prevent us from the risk of being laid-off easily. However, it cannot be the reason for us to persue it. Beside civil servants, there are various jobs, from which we can make enough money to support our lives even more money to enjoy our lives such as being a boss, a doctor, a teacher, etc.

In addition, the way to be a civil servant is rather rocky. If we don’t have intimated relationship with the executives, we aren’t likely to be employed successfully. We are bound to be stop in whichever part of the test while those who don’t perform as well as us will be hired just because of the relationship. It is unfair for the ordinary. We can come to a conclusion that being a civil servant cannot be the only choice and we ought not to regard it as the most ideal job and spend a large amount of time trying to a civil servant. Find what our dream is and spare no effort to achieve it.

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