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IP Address Schema Design for a Medium-Sized Business Essay

IP Address Schema Design for a Medium-Sized Business

The following IP schema is designed to fit the needs of the Warehouse Company. The company has purchased and installed all of the required equipment for the network infrastructure. After consulting with their design team and gathering the required documentation and network designs, we are ready to proceed. The network design requires an IP schema that will minimize the cost of public IP addresses. Due to this requirement we will use a Class B IP address solution with a default subnet mask of 11111111.11111111.00000000.00000000 or

I am calculating the need to have 2 possibly 3 public IP addresses. In order to meet the IP requirements for the company’s 367 devices that include 260 hosts for Boston, 80 hosts for Dallas, 12 hosts at Seattle, 4 general servers and 3 DMZ servers, I will use the network address The broadcast IP address is172.16.1.255. The subnet mask will be The /23 will support 512 hosts, leaving 145 available hosts.

The IP address ranges are assigned as follows:
Boston (280) through
Dallas (80) through
Seattle (12) through
General Servers (4) and network equipment through The DMZ servers with out-going rules set will be through

The link-local unicast IPv6 network address will be fe80::ac10:0, the broadcast address will be ff00::ac10:1ff. This equals 119 bits and the host range will be from fe80::ac10:1 through fe80::ac10:1fe.

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