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Investment Arbitration: Thesis Proposals Essay

I. Implications of Naming a Most Favorable Nation in International Investment Contract Disputes

a. What is meant by clauses containing the assignment of jurisdiction to the Most Favorable Nation?

b. How does this affect international relations?

c. What is the present validity of such contract clauses?

d. What are some known instances of Most Favorable Nation clauses being accepted or rejected?

e. If surveyed, what are people’s perspectives on the naming of a Most Favorable Nation?

II. Investments to Widow of Deceased Husband: Her Stepchildren’s Argument

a. What is fair is the allocation of investments to the widow of a deceased husband when he attributes them to her?

b. What are some arguments which may be posed by his children, her stepchildren?

c. Would it be fair to divide the investments between all parties?

d. How could one assert the rationale that the investments belong solely to the wife, the named inheritor?

e. If surveyed, what are people’s perspectives regarding the inheritance rights of family members?

III. International Investment Arbitration: One Judicial Oversight

a. What is the rationale for having one international judiciary for resolving investment disputes?

b. How would regional judiciaries do a better job than one international judiciary?

c. What would become of US city, state, and national laws with the intrusion of a larger judicial body?

d. Would individual freedom and democracy be affected negatively by one world judiciary?

e. If surveyed, what are people’s perspectives regarding many regional judiciaries versus one international judiciary?

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