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Investigating an Outbreak of Meningitis Essay

1.Describe an additional laboratory test that could be used to confirm the diagnosis of one of the patients who is not infected with meningitis. Blood and urine tests can determine certain diseases within the patients who are not affected with meningitis. Your kidneys will excrete bacteria if present in the body and your blood will show the presence of the disease.

2.Anthony still insists that he needs an antibiotic to treat his viral infection. Explain to him why an antibiotic will not help him get better. Since Anthony came back positive for the Influenza B virus, antibiotics will not work due to the fact that antibiotics treat bacterial infections. The flu is a virus and not a bacterial infection.

3.What precautions could students on a college campus take to prevent getting sick and to protect themselves from passing illnesses back and forth? College students should not come in contact around other students who are sick because odds are, the interaction will cause the spreading of germs/bacteria/viruses. Also, students should not share food or drinks items as the contamination from the hands and mouth of a sick person will likely cause a non-sick person to become sick.

1.Why is information about a patient’s lifestyle and about possible environmental exposures important when investigating an outbreak?

When investigating, doctors/scientists can find out the real reason their patients are sick. They can then eliminate factors and discover if they have any known illnesses due to their lifestyle.

2.What medical interventions can be used to treat and contain the outbreak of an infectious disease?

Medications/drugs and/or treatments can be used to treat and contain outbreaks of infectious diseases. Also, there are facilities where a person can be isolated as to contain them from spreading the disease.

3.What do you think is the most likely cause of Sue’s illness? Provide evidence to support your theory.

Due to the amount of people she interacted with, it is safe to assume she has caught something from one of her college friends. Her symptoms match those of meningitis leading me to believe that is what she has.

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