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Intro to networking Essay

1. An enterprise campus LAN uses wired UTP Ethernet and wireless 802.11 LANs at the edge of the LAN. Looking at a particular floor in a particular building, all the devices connect to either a single Ethernet switch or single wireless access point, both of which sit in a wiring closet in the middle of the space. Which of the following is true about the distance limitations in this LAN? C. All Ethernet user devices can be up to 100 meters away (but no farther), while WLAN devices must typically be closer than 100 meters.

2. IEEE 802.11 standards define a maximum speed for an individual transmission, with some variables that affect 802.11n speeds. Assuming that 802.11n uses the narrower 20-MHz channel and a single stream, which of the following answers matches a particular standard to its maximum bit rate?A. 802.11g: 54 Mbps

3. An enterprise campus LAN uses wired UTP Ethernet and wireless 802.11 LANs at the edge of the LAN. A network engineer uses a WLAN testing tool to view the frames moving through the WLAN, and he notes the speeds of the various frames in a single WLAN that uses a single access point. Which of the following answers list a condition that could have affected the speeds that the engineer observed when testing the WLAN? (Choose two answers.) B. The current radio noise.

D. Whether the AP uses CSMA/CA.
4. An enterprise campus WLAN uses a single 802.11n AP, with 20 clients that all use 802.11n. The AP uses only a single stream, but it does use a double-wide channel, with a maximum data rate for a single transmission of 150 Mbps. The same floor has an Ethernet LAN, with 20 PCsconnected using 10BASE-T, UTP cabling. The Ethernet switch and AP both connect to the rest of the network using a Gigabit Ethernet interface. Which of the following statements are true when comparing the wired and wireless LANs on this floor? (Choose two answers.) B. The wireless LAN has a larger capacity

D. A single transmission from the AP to a WLAN user device goes faster than the transmission from the Ethernet switch to a wired user device. 5. A network engineer is designing a campus LAN, both wired and wireless. When planning the wireless LAN, the engineer looks at a scale drawing of the space for each floor and draws the coverage area associated with each AP.

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