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Interventions in order to increase the National Achievement Test of 4th Year Students of Malabon National High School Essay

The primordial purpose of this study is to provide the students with a complete and balanced education and to develop their performance in National Achievement Test (Nat) . Thus, the results of this study will benefit the students, the teachers and the school administrators. This study is significant because it will provide the indispensable facts for the students of Malabon National High School who were taking the National Achievment Test (NAT). including the faculty and school administrators as a result in a pervasive exposure of the aforementioned subjects.

This study will serve as the basis for future plans of action by the school administrators with regard to the necessary actions for the school and for the students who were taking or will take the National Achievement Test (Nat). Among the persons who will be directly or indirectly involved are the following: This study will not only benefit the school administrators but also the entire student body as it will create a milieu of awareness about the Interventions in order to increase the National Achievement Test (NAT).

The teacher and students of the Malabon National High School including the out-of-school youth will have a better understanding of the limitation; Importance of the National Achievement Test will enable them to know the area of difficulty and strength thereby guiding them in reconstructing their programs to suit their needs. Furthermore, this study will serve as a theoretical model for future studies of the same nature if ever the existing problem has penetrated in this case will exist in the future. Future researchers will benefit from this study, and it will provide them the facts needed to compare their study during their respective time and usability.

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