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Interpersonal Conflict in Film American Beauty Essay

Site 1 Conflict Management Style

This activity will help you determine your natural style for dealing with conflict. It is useful to assess your predominant conflict management style(s) because we all tend to prefer one or two of the styles and at times may apply them inappropriately. Read the information available from the DSP Training Resources site in lesson 8.6. 1.What animal symbolizes your method for dealing with conflict? (name) (5 points).

The Collaborating Owl

Write a description of your conflict management style? Discuss three reasons why this method of dealing with conflict is negative or positive? Owls use a collaborating or problem confronting conflict management style valuing their goals and relationships.

A. Owls is positive when peer conflict is involved, both sides get what they want and negative feelings eliminated.

B. when trying to gain commitment through consensus building, both sides gets what they want and negative feelings eliminated.

C. when learning and trying to merge differing perspectives, both sides gets what they want and negative feelings eliminated.

Conflict Resolution Role-Play Script Directions:

Please read and select a case scenario, which can be located in lesson 8.6.

Using the steps for conflict resolution, find a solution for one of the problems located on the activity page for this lesson. Note: You will need to devise a role-play or script for the scenario, using each one the six steps listed below. This script is a dialogue; remember a dialogue is a conversation between two people.

For example:1. Mutually agree on the time and place to discuss a serious issue. “Hey John, meet me in the library so we can discuss what happened today in class.”2. Use an “I” Statement….“I feel angry when you…..etc.Select one of the scenarios by referring to the presentation on the lesson page of the course.|

Write your answers below:

1.Mutually agree on the time and place to discuss a serious issue. (10 points) “Hey Brianna, meet me at 12:00 a.m. in the cafeteria so we can discuss what happened in class today. 2.Use an “I” statement to express your feelings, identify the unwanted behavior and work toward resolution. (10 points) I feel angry when you are mean to me. The unwanted behavior is “angry”

3.Give equal time for both sides to be heard. INCLUDE BOTH SIDES OF THE CONVERSATION. (10 points) Talk about how each of you has contributed to the problem.

Remember to use active listening skills. “What I think I hear you saying is you are getting burned out and you would like to have a life outside of school.’

“Correct me if I am wrong but aren’t you saying is all you do is things related to work.”

Mirror their words “So, as I see it you will like a life outside of school “You feel that all you do is things related to school” “As I get it, you feel that you don’t have time to yourself.” “I can see you are feeling you don’t have time to yourself”

4.Brainstorm ways to resolve the conflict. (List at least two ways.) (10 points) 1. Agree on the rules of discussion before you begin; stick to the rules. 2. Remain on the topic; don’t bring up past hurts.

5.Discuss possible solutions. (List at least two solutions.) (10 points) 1. Give equal time for both sides to be heard.
2.Listen to each other; the feelings being expressed are real 3.Agree on one solution and then try it. (10 points)
Share ideas and reach a solution that is mutually agreeable to each person.

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