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A Mir Kiss

1. Evaluate simple and complex concepts of organizational behavior (OB); including the theoretical and practical elements. 2. Identify basic managerial functions, roles, and skills and how they relate to the field of OB, including implications of environmental challenges. 3. Understand the elements of diversity within a global organization and environment. 4. Discuss the foundations of individual behavior through exploration in psychology; including personality, perception, and interpersonal differences. 5. Illustrate understanding of need-based perspectives in motivation including; Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Alderfer’s ERG theory, and Hertzberg’s dual-structure theory. 6. Illustrate understanding of process-based perspectives in motivation through the equity, expectancy, and reinforcement theories. 7. Explain how job design, work arrangements, and employee participation affect individual performance and job satisfaction. 8. Explain…