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Internet Cafe Administration and Monitoring System Essay

Internet cafes are very abundant nowadays. Managing networked computers, payment, time in and time out of the client PCs are very important especially to the cafe owner or employee. In a computer cafe, the recording of time is under the responsibility of the cafe owner or employee who must work consistently, timely, efficiently and patiently to make his business work. Since system computerization is becoming a trend, the cafe owner needs a system to serve its customers better and efficiently.

How will an Administration and Monitoring System for Ledion Internet and Networking Cafe help the business manage the client pc start and end times efficiently and accurately? Ledion Internet & Networking Cafe have their existing computerized system but is not reliable enough because there are times when the server automatically locks the client pc even when the time was not finished which the owner/employee was obliged to write the time starts and ends of the client pcs in a hard copy of MS Excel sheet.

Since the Ledion Internet & Networking Cafe have its 3 branches. The main branch is located in 10th Avenue, Caloocan City near Caloocan City Hall; the other 2 branches are situated near Our Lady of Fatima University and University of Santo Tomas. The owner was not well-informed of what is happening in his other cafes unless he calls the employees in charge in other branches. It is very beneficial for the owner to solve the common problems they encounter on their everyday operation in the cafe.

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