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International finance manager Essay

Bob Swan is the International Finance Officer to eBay Inc. He is also the senior vice president to the company. He is responsible for eBay’s finance function including controllership, tax, treasury, financial planning and analysis, audit, mergers and acquisitions, and investors relations. He has worked for Electronic Data Systems Corporation (EDS) as an executive vice president. He has also served as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and executive vice president at TRW, Inc. , held an executive-level position at Webvan Group, Inc.

His career started with General Electric in 1985 where he spent 15 years while serving at different positions such as corporate audit staff and CFO at GE Medical Systems-Europe and GE transportation Systems. Bob holds a bachelor of science in business administration from State University of New York at Buffalo. He also has a master of Business Administration from SUNY Binghamton. (eBayExecutiveTeam 2010). Risks management eBay as an online marketplace faces a number of risks.

It list millions of items across thousands of diverse categories, including antiques, books, toys, sports, computers, photography and electronics and others. It has to manage operational risks and regulatory and legal issues. The company focuses on building trust and safety for trade to its customers. This is ensured through rules and policies, trust building programmes, various educational resources which help in maintaining general marketplace security and prevent fraud.

The company also works with law enforcers and government agencies in the world so as to enforce its policies. Its trading policies are rooted in the values of the eBay market place. It seeks to encourage open, honest, and accountable transactions. It also seeks for feedback from the customers so as to ensure good services. The company also has an eBay safety Center to ensure buying and selling safety. (About eBay 2010; Philippe 2009).

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