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Intern Essay Topics & Paper Examples

During the Internship at Consulate General

The opportunity to go as an intern at Consulate General is an unforgettable experience. Knowing several tasks and been able to serve the country is a valuable thing. Protecting the interest of the country and the citizens is a forever priority. As an intern at Consulate General, the providing of assistance and guidance with regards to problems with passports or birth report of a citizen abroad had helped my skills to communicate well. I engaged to several tasks like issuing passports, visas and consular certificates as well as providing notary deeds and even helping citizens who were in detention or incarcerated or as they are waiting for their custody trials and facilitate their communications with their families. The ability to…

The case study of Brussels and Bradshaw

In the case study of Brussels and Bradshaw, it is apparently clear that Audrey Locke, a summertime intern, was faced with many unnecessary workplace created stressors. Brussels and Bradshaw is a well-known investment banking company that Audrey Locke strived to intern for. Audrey was well prepared and had an astonishing resume. The downward spiral in the economy made this internship more competitive and desired. Audrey was warned of the intensity she would endure at Brussels and Bradshaw by some of her friends, but Audrey relished in the opportunity the position would provide as she immediately accepted it. The May two week training, in Chicago, went rather smoothly for Audrey and she was eager to report to the Toronto office and…

Narrative report internship

Trainees in Conguild recommend students to take an opportunity to be an intern in the said company. Not only knowledge about technology the students will gain in Comguild. The company has different departments where trainees exercise their expertise in different field. Herein includes the Comguild Production, Webmaker, Verdict Detective and Security Forces. Trainees can also enhance their ability performing in accounting, marketing, and in communication. In terms of the policy of the company, trainees should know how to follow rules and regulations. Good attitude is one of the qualities that the employer needed to many employees. Trainee should also know how to deal with other people. Though people have their different attitude, good communication to others is very important. Trainees…