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Intergration and reflection Essay

This is a reflection paper in partial fulfillment of the course math 101 module 6. It is my evaluation for the entire course in terms of strengths, ability, knowledge and how I can implement or relate to them on a day to day life. The challenges I met along the way and what I would have done to overcome them and if the course objectives were fully integrated. I was able to acquire the knowledge, skills and understanding of the course and ready to advance to a higher level.

I have learnt to solve problems by paying attention to detail and making a decision. I’ve also learnt big problems are made up of small problems so first know how to solve the small ones so as to manage the big ones. I believe I did exceptionally well in terms of performance but there is always room for improvement. Participating more in class, focusing on my week areas, reading more course books are just some ways I would have improved more. The topics that were a challenge were graphing inequalities and factors of numbers.

In order to implement these topics more participating during class time and doing tests after every topic to gauge the understanding of the topics would help in a great way. The aptitude you acquire in class will help in your daily life. For example calculating change, taxes, discounts, commission, distance between two points for example from school to home, or even planting trees or flowers in a particular area. The course objective were fully achieved as am now able to solve application problems, calculate according to order of operations and also comparing quantities using ratios.

Essay Topics:

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