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Intercultural Communication and Conflicts Essay

The communication between different cultures is very difficult. Intercultural communication can lead to misunderstanding and confusion. You may offend someone without even knowing it. Nonverbal communication is challenge as well such as handshakes, eye contact, hug, and etc. These problems happened so many times from my fiancee who is from America and me who is from South Korea. One day, my father visited to our place for holiday. When my father walked into our place, my fiancee was lying on the sofa and then he said “Hi. In Korean culture, when adults come to you, you need to stand up and bow to them. That moment, my fiancee’s behavior was disrespectful to my father. This tells us that we grew up differently since we have different culture background. However, we both have the attitude where we like to learn about each other cultures. It gives us a better understanding and respect more. To me, language barrier is one of issue with communication.

When I moved to America, I barely spoke English and I was really afraid of speaking with other people, especially in English; however, time went by, as went to high school, college and join in the Army in America, I became more interactive in communication with people. Also, my fiancee helps me to learn and correct my English skill. Interpersonal communication Thousands of people use more online email, texting, Facebook, twitter, and etc. to communicate now, because it’s easier and faster to communicate to others.

On the other hand, online communications can be bad. More likely, face to face communication can be avoided. I realized that most people use smart phone anytime and anywhere now. Sadly, it happens during class, meeting, dating, waiting, and dining. In fact, one of my nieces who is 6 years old refused to talk and listen to me when I discipline her. Instead face to face communication, she wanted to text me to say “sorry. ” I didn’t accept her apologize because I believe in true meaningful interpersonal communication should be face to face communication.

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