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Interaction Between Teenagers and Their Parents Essay

In my opinion, there is not enough interaction between teenagers and their parents these days. I think it is true because of career of their parent, modern technology, and distance between them. The first reason is the career of their parent. The parents always hope their children were life in the best condition and were taken care in the best services. So they try to earn more money in order to pay for the fee of education of their children. It make them word harder, and they lost the time for talking and playing with their children. Therefore, more and more children feel familiar with butler than their parents.

The second reason is the distance between them. Their parent attempt to get promote in their work so they work more than another coworker. They make more money and their children have better teacher, life condition and the butler who take care the children replacing their parent. The children grow up in the butler hand so the children feel familiar with butler and sometimes think butler is more important than their parents.

Finally, the modern technology is a big trouble made increasing the distance between them. Nowadays, there are many modern technology staff to children enjoy such as, the computer, PlayStation, and entertainments. The children have many friend online and they spend much time on internet with friend instead of helping their parent do housework or get actually experience from their parents.

In short, interaction between teenagers and their children is less and less so the parents need care their children more and make them become a useful and responsible person. The children need to be grow up in loving.

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