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Interaction Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Human Computer Interaction and User Interface Design

The two interfaces chosen for this project are two book selling sites – LinkedIn. com and Orkut. com. The two websites are social networking sites. While Orkut. com brings together friends and is more personal in nature, LinkedIn. com is more professional. Social networking sites being highly popular, I chose to select these interfaces for comparison. LinkedIn has over 40 million professionals using it to: • “Exchange information, ideas and opportunities” • Connect or re-connect with and stay informed about their contacts and industry • Find inside connections to find a new job or business opportunity • Find the people and knowledge required • Have a controlled online professional identity Orkut, on the other hand, lets you connect with people…

Cultural Interaction Analysis

Mining is a process that is composed of three major logical, organized and sequential phases; exploration, development and production with unique risks, economic considerations and constraints characterizing each stage. Before deciding to develop a mine the mining company first considers the social, socioeconomic and environmental consequences of the decision. This paper discusses the problems that the foreign mining companies face while undertaking their mining processes in a community with different culture than theirs. The major hitches they faced mostly included; power differential, permeability and psychosocial factors like suspicion and fear between the company staff and the local community members. A Canadian gold mining company in Ghana faced these challenges during their stay in this West African country. The crises originated…

Singing Valley Resort

A. According to analysis of the five forces of the Singing Valley market, we list some assumptions for their business: 1. Bargaining power of customers: Since the Singing Valley’s auto email system had a negative influence in the market. Customers will be able to get a cheaper budget since the company has to make up the “hurt” which they did to client. 2. Threat of substitutions: Customer who had complained to Singing Valley can choose other places for vocation, like Yosemite, Hawaii, etc. 3. Bargaining power of suppliers: The reduce of number of customers will cause the reduce of supply, including food, gas, service, etc. Actually, it has a weak force for suppliers, because the Singing Valley has to use these…