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Intelligence Led Policing Essay

Intelligence Led Policing is a strategy that reduces crime through a strategic management and effective enforcement of strategies that target prolific offenders. In order to reduce social harm, the police have to work wider partners for wider potential solutions. The police have to combine their knowledge on criminal intelligence with crime analysis knowledge so as to come up with a substantial decision. It aims in achieving crime reduction and prevention by disrupting the activities of offenders through employment of a top-down management approach.

Another way of predicting a prolific offender is through strategic targeting and prioritization. Targeting should be strategic towards individuals, location or operations that will produce the best results and success, thus enabling police officers to work effectively (Peterson, 2005). In addition, the information should be from reliable sources so as to allow the best results without breaching innocent people’s rights. Another issue is the use of previous crimes records as indicators so as to foster preventive measures in order to mitigate the offender from committing crimes.

This operation can happen to be the best given that the information at hand is reliable but it can be unethical if the target happens to be clean (Peterson, 2005). Furthermore, through proper data collection either through physical surveillance, electronic surveillance, confidential informants, and public records or under covers operators who have provided vital information which after being analyzed they guarantee success.

In conclusion, Intelligence Led policing focuses on certain criminal activities and key criminals can be targeted for inquiry after there problems are assessed. Moreover, some character and upbringing traits are use to predict recidivist behavior which helps in predicting prolific offenders and it tries to capture both operational and ethical issues. The number of times an offender has appeared in court, drug users’ and having delinquent acquaintances foster a good prolific offender target.

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