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Intelligence community Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Minimising faiulures in the homeland intelligence security

An intelligence community is a group or a coalition of organisation in the United State of America. It is part of the executive branch that is autonomous and works indipendently in matters related to security and investigation of crimes. The intelligence community is accountable to the president, the policy makers and other senior departments in the government of the united states to collect and gather the necessary information to ensure maximum security is maintained within the country as part of executing their mandate (Noftsinger at el, 2007). The intelligence community has a definate method of carrying out their duties. The first step involves the identification of the problem that need to be sorted as a matter of security concern. Then…

Intelligence community

Intelligence community‚Äôs core was established through the national security Act of 1947. It consists of 13 organizations and agencies. The workforce of the intelligence community consists of military and civilian personnel who are a part of the intelligence programs. Fusion centers are entities created by the state and are mostly financed and also staffed by the state. There is however, no model for how a fusion center should be created. State, law enforcement and criminal intelligence are at the core of many fusion centers. A fusion center organization is a collaborative effort or agencies whose purpose is to provide resources, information and also expertise to the center with the main goal being to maximize their ability to detect, prevent, investigate…