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Integrated Information Management Essay

Economic, sociological, political, and technological environments make up the four external considerations. The sociological domain covers community values and the larger political divisions and their agencies. It comes up with lists – of people, their problems, needs, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities – in a data form that is easy to report. The political domain encompasses what the Board of Directors will manage, and how to handle their concerns. The economic domain is sources of funds, contributions, and referrals, and also includes customers and the company’s competitors.

It aims to get the most from these sources. The technological domain includes technological advancement, so that a company remains on top of new technology. Organizational purpose, mission statement and philosophy, organizational planning, organizational operations, Human Resources, technological factors, and financial assets are the Internal considerations. The factors that influence a company’s goal sare covered by organizational purpose. It checks that all data about populations and expected outcomes has been gathered so that it can move ahead.

Organizational planning keeps track of goals and marks their achievement. Organizational resources makes sure that the members of each department are doing what they are supposed to be doing. Human Resources wants information about its demographics, licensing, certifications, and staff training. Technological resources makes sure that the newest technology and know-how is being put into practice. Financial resources follows income and expenses, so that managers can predict a financial problem.

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