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Integrate a quote with a signal phrase that precedes the quote. Essay

In his article “A Matter of Degrees,” Clive Crook illustrates the importance of literacy today: “Illiteracy has always cut people off from the possibility of a prosperous life, and from full civil engagement… Three out of ten seniors in public high school still fail to reach the basic-literacy standard” (30). 2. Integrate a quote with a signal phrase that interrupts the quote.

“So much about today’s adult industry seems like an undeft parody of Hollywood and the nation writ large,” says David Foster Wallace in the essay “Big Red Son,” describing the evolution of adult film stars. “…The gynecologically explicit sexuality of Jenna [Jameson], Jasmin [St. Claire], et al. seems more than anything like a Mad magazine spoof of the “smoldering” sexuality of Sharon Stone and Madonna and so many other mainstream iconettes” (29-30). 3. Integrate a quote with a signal phrase that follows the quote.

“I love the Cup because it stripped away all the things about professional sports that I’ve come to despise… The World Cup just bangs it out: Two cool national anthems, two 45-minute halves, a few minutes of extra time and usually we’re done. Everything flies by. Everything means something. It’s the single best sporting event we have by these four measures: efficiency, significance, historical context and truly meaningful/memorable/exciting moments,” says Bill Simmons of ESPN.

com in “Bill Simmons: World Cup 20 Questions,” explaining some of the virtues of the international soccer tournament. Works Cited Crook, Clive. “A Matter of Degrees. ” The Atlantic Monthly Nov. 2006: 28-30. Academic Search Premier. Web. 5 July 2010. Simmons, Bill. “Bill Simmons: World Cup’s 20 Questions – ESPN. ” ESPN: The Worldwide Leader In Sports. ESPN Internet Ventures, 1 July 2010. Web. 05 July 2010. Wallace, David Foster. “Big Red Son. ” Consider the Lobster and Other Essays. New York: Little, Brown, 2006. 3-50. Print.

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