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Instructional Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Instructional design

Instructional design is an important tool in any system of education. It enables all the stakeholders of the educational sector to achieve their objectives. This paper critically analyzes the various approaches to institutional design, their benefits and weaknesses, and further examines the principles relevant to instructional designs. Introduction There has been a massive increase in institutions that offer e-learning and this can be attributed to the changes from the traditional methods of teaching, to the future trends in the same. E-learning enables learners to get access to various curricular from the comfort of their computers. It also enables students to earn degrees from prestigious universities, without being physically present there. However, the success of e-learning can be largely attributed to…

Training design

1. Introduction The design of the training program can be undertaken only when a clear training objective has been produced. The training objective clears what goal has to be achieved by the end of training program i.e. what the trainees are expected to be able to do at the end of their training. Training design or instructional design is the process of creating a blueprint for the development of instruction. Whether the training is to be conducted in a classroom, delivered using an electronic format or using some combination of methods, the design process sets the stage for the development of a program that produces results. FACTORS IN DESIGNING TRAINING A. View point One key factor in designing training is…