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Inspiration can come from anyone Essay

Inspiration can come from anyone. It can come from a sports figure, a family member, or someone else with a very inspirational story, like a celebrity. Inspiration can drastically change someone’s life, and can even save them from something that could be life-threatening. Inspiration is very important in a person’s life, and it can come from anyone. Inspiration can come from a sports figure. Many times, this type of inspiration comes from an athlete that suffers an injury, or has a rough childhood, and still performs better than most. An example of this athlete is Adrian Peterson. He came back from an ACL tear, one of the worst injuries to suffer in football, and the next year he nearly broke the record for rushing yards in a season. This inspired many athletes all around the world to come back from injuries. Adrian Peterson really set the standard for ACL injuries, an injury that was once thought to end an athlete’s career, and is now thought to only take a year to recover from. Sometimes, this inspiration can hurt an athlete more than help. Some athletes are trying to come back too soon, and do not perform how they would normally perform, and would only be risking further injury. Sometimes, inspiration can be better, or for worse when it is from a sports figure. Inspiration can come from a family member. This family member could have had a rough childhood, and had to push through it, or they could have survived some sort of illness that they had to push through. This is usually the most common form of inspiration, because it comes from a person’s own family.

The person in need of inspiration would not need to reach far because of this. This form of inspiration is usually always for the better, because the person thinks “Well if they could go through that, then I can go through this.” Inspiration can come from a celebrity. Sometimes, a person idols a music star, or some other celebrity, and they find about their experiences in life, and that can inspire them. There are many examples of this, such as the Beatles. They were told that they had no future in music, and they were rejected many record labels, and they ended up being one of the biggest bands of all time. Another example would be Walt Disney. He was fired by a news editor because he “lacked imagination”. He was apparently turned down over 300 times before creating Disney World. Inspiration can come from anyone, a popular sports figure, a family member, or a celebrity. There are many types of inspiration, some for the good, and some for the better. Inspiration is very important in someone’s life, and can even save them from something that could be life-threatening.

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