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Insigh Paper “Story of Earth” Essay

The Earth is said to be “the only home to life in the universe” but five billion years ago there was no signal of the planet that we can call it home. Instead there was only a new star and a cloud of dust in our solar system. Over billions of years, a series of violent changes led to the formation of our world and, eventually, the creation of life. As stated in the movie 4500 million years ago the earth looks like hell than home. Also, we can definitely see it as a “boiling ball of liquid rock or an endless ocean of lava” because the sun was only 22,000 kilometers away from our planet. As time goes by, Meteorite starts showering the planet and brings water 3, 900 million years ago. Then, 3,800 million years ago the molten rocks burst in the earth’s crust and rises up which forms a volcanic islands which may eventually became the first continent. Might as in this year, it begins to make the earth a planet that we can live but the atmosphere was toxic and meteorite dissolves and transport carbon, proteins, amino acids from space to the ocean.

Microscopic organisms are also found and the first sign of life is called the single cell bacteria which is the chemicals under water. Furthermore, 3,500 million years ago Astrometalites was also found it is also called as “the most important element” because it helps in the photosynthesis process. Afterwards, 1,500 million years ago the earth is no longer a living planet. There were no complex life, plant, dinosaur and even humans. At this time, the earth was also called as the blue ball that has scattered volcanic islands. Then, the oldest known supercontinent was introduced it was called Rodinia. It was formed about 1100 million years ago and broke apart 750 million years ago. Also, in this year, the day was counted only 18 hours. 750 million years ago, the heat in the earth’s crust was said the reason why the supercontinent split into pieces.

About 650 million years ago, it was the longest and coldest period of ice age ever to grief the earth and about 3 kilometers of ice was suppressing the earth so that the scientists call the earth as a “snow ball”. As the time passed by, the ice is also melted. And 540 million years ago, the primitive bacteria evolve into plants and something else. Trilobites are distance relatives of insects and even scorpions. Nomolicarius(sir I’m not so sure of the spelling) was also found in that era. It was 60 meters long and has a large eyes, sharp teeth and grasping limbs. Picaia(sir I’m not so sure of the spelling) a organism that has a 5 centimeters long and may also be evolving into spine. As conclusion, the earth created by dust and rocks at the universe. Also it was surpass different cycle. As the time passed by, a boiling ball of rock with an endless ocean of lava. Then it became a blue ball and finally an earth surrounded by ice.

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