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Insecticide Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Investigatory Project

Today, most Filipino farmers and even commoners are suffering from several kinds of insect pests. Filipinos want to know how to get rid and prevent the spread of different insect pests, so the researchers conduct an insecticide that is made up of garlic. Why garlic? The researchers chose garlic because of its unique characteristics that could be made as an effective insecticide. We all know that garlic is only use as an ingredient for cooking but we don’t know that this garlic can be use an insecticide. This insecticide can easily be made rather than buying an insecticide that is expensive and harmful to our environment but this garlic insecticide is opposite. This is cheaper and safe for our environment….

Black Pepper and Garlic as an alternative source for Insecticide

Garlic is an old time organic insecticide that has only moderate success with over the decades. Only use an insecticide if you have an infestation. And garlic, If you have found, it does not do a great job once you have an infestation. Since it doesn’t kill bugs, only deters them a bit, you have to reapply it every time you have any rain, water or even a heavy dew. It’s a lot of work for minimal gain. (Ron, 2009) BACKGROUND OF STUDY Garlic Bulbs has an amino acid that converts to a substance called allicin when crushed, blended or chopped that lets the Insect to move elsewhere. The characteristic odor released as a result of this process has powerful properties….