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Innovation, Design, and Creativity Essay

Innovation, design, and creativity are typically interchangeable, but are in fact defined as separate qualities with business implications that can be compared and contrasted. While some companies can survive solely on creativity, a rise in global competition has domestic companies striving to develop more innovative products and services. These new found ideas are then made concrete by implementing a successful design. Creativity is the creation of a new idea or concept. The term is a necessary step towards the innovative process of applying a creative idea. Creativity is an essential building block for innovation (von Stamm, 2003). A person that is naturally creative must have broad vision to meet organizational challenges. These visionaries are a company’s adventurers and risk takers who see and think further than most. Innovation equals creativity plus successful implementation (von Stamm, 2003). The introduction of a new idea should be implemented within all levels of a company; from upper management executives to mere janitors.

In order to have an innovative product or service, it has to be converted from an idea into action; the creativity is delivered or put into effect. Design is the conscious decision-making process by which an idea is transformed into an outcome, be it a tangible product or intangible service (von Stamm, 2003). It is about researching possible outcomes to particular scenarios and selecting the best design thereafter. Any obstacles that conflict with a creative idea will be resolved with design. Teamwork may help since the design implementation may be too complex for one person’s expertise; a person typically does not possess creativity, innovation, and design; which is what is needed for a total quality result.

Although I’m unemployed at the moment, these three concepts were successfully applied in my previous organization. As a former Accounts Payable Clerk, my direct supervisor thought like a designer by thinking about our department’s future goals, rather than focusing solely on the present (or current) accounts. This calculated decision making process is defined as design but without having an initial creativity and innovation, the successful design of an organization could not be possible.


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[University of Phoenix Custom Edition e-Text]. : John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. Retrieved from University of Phoenix, OI361 website.

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