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Innogene Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Posthumus and Innogene

The following passage is from Shakespeare’s ‘Cymbeline’ Act 4 Scene 2. In the quoted lines Innogen identifies Clotens to be Posthumus due to Posthumus’ garment worn by Clotens. Innogen looks at Clotens’ body and his garments and says “I know the shape of`s leg; this is his hand”. According to her, his foot is ‘Mercurial’ and thighs “Marcial’. From the first act the audience is accustomed to see a chaste Innogen who is attracted only to her husband, Postumus. However in this passage Innogene is made to speak admiring words about Clotens which is ironic to the audience. Her instant decision based on the garment is a kind of an amusement to the audience who is aware of the identity…