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Information systems strategic planning Essay

Information systems strategic planning involves setting up computer based applications with an aim of helping in achieving organizations objectives. When setting up the system plan, the impact, efficiency and effectiveness of the computer based applications should be major factors to consider. Six months ago while working as a part time accountant I had a circumstance which up to now I find to have thought strategically. During that time one of my main duties was raising invoices against the received or incoming purchase orders.

With the company dealing in communication network equipment installations a completion certificates had to be received from the customers so as to raise the invoices. Knowing that sometimes I would be away from work on other official or personal commitments I had to think and come up with a plan to avoid having late invoicing or queries from the management on why the invoicing for particular jobs was not done. I came up with an idea of preparing in advance all the invoices corresponding purchase orders and save them in my laptop.

I would make all the relevant invoices ready only the date detail would remain awaiting confirmation for invoicing. Once I was away or in the office and was called to make an invoice I would just fill the date and forward the invoice so fast than expected to the respective customer and my management personnel. This was always coming as a surprise to the management since it was so fast and thorough. The outcome of my strategic thinking was so impressive to me and the management. It not only created efficiency and effectiveness but also

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