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Informatics Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Infomatics Needs Assessment

Changes in healthcare and advancements in technology have allowed for new and exciting opportunities to intergrade in the two fields. The government has supported healthcare facilities during this transition since 2009, by providing stimulus money to assist in the transition from paper to electronic medical records (EMR). The Obama administration will start fining healthcare facilities that have not made this transitioned to EMRs by 2015. In order to take advantage of this opportunity and to avoid fines, we must heed this mandate. Many facilities are finding it difficult to find the right system for their work places. This proves the importance of a needs assessment. “A needs assessment is a systematic set of procedures that are used to determine needs,…

National Nursing Informatics Project

1. Introduction The potential for Nursing Informatics to enhance nursing practice, study clinical problem-solving and ultimately improve the quality of care has been a long-standing expectation (Peterson & Gerden-Jelger, 1988). However, unlike many other information intensive industries, health care has been slow in adopting information technology. The U.S. National Advisory Council notes nurses, like other health care professionals, have yet to develop a culture “to promote acceptance and use of information technologies as basic tools for information management and exchange.” To begin to address these needs a National Steering Committee was formed with representatives from five key nursing organizations, including the Canadian Association of University Schools of Nursing, Canadian Nurses Association, Registered Nurses Association of British Columbia, Academy of Canadian Executive…