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Infancy Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Review & Critical Thinking

1. Explain the different forms of child abuse? Include Shaken Baby Syndrome in your response. *The different forms of abuse are physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. The shaken baby syndrome is the same as physical abuse. 2. What types of physical care must a parent provide an infant child? *the physica infant parents must provide the child with diapers and the child must be fed, bathed, and taking care of. 3. What are some strategies for helping a child cope with stress? *According to the module a parent can create a stable and non-violent home environment for the child. Another thing is that the parent can encourage the child to communicate and tell them thing that are bothering them. These…

Infant Observation

For my assignment, I observed at the daycare program housed inside my church called Gateway To Learning (2930 Rayford Rd., Spring, TX 77386), a Christian childcare provider for ages 6-weeks to fourth grade (after school). There are currently 185 children enrolled in the GTL program, including after-schoolers. GTL employs approximately 50 people, not including substitute teachers. The teacher:student ratios are as follows: ages 6 weeks to 12 months – 4:1, 12 to 18 months – 5:1, 18 to 24 months – 9:1, 2 year olds – 11:1, 3 year olds – 15:1, and four year olds – 18:1. All of the teachers must be CPR certified, First Aid certified, and trained in SIDS, shaken baby syndrome, infant brain development, and…