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Industrialisation Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Japan & Western Europe Industrialization

Japan and Western Europe both had the same idea on how to industrialize their areas, however Japan isolated them selves and took longer, while Western Europe was open to ideas and changed quickly. Because Western Europe was growing so large at a faster pace, it inspired the Japanese to open their ideas to a broader spectrum. The main reason the Japanese wanted to see a change was because they saw Britain, Us, and the French on the increase by them selves. Japan didn’t want to be foreign ruled like china so they started to make reforms. What Japan also caught on from Britain, U.S, and the French was their open economies. Japan opened their economy starting with trade. By opening…

The meaning of industrialisation

Industrialisation was a slow transformation that took place in Europe during the first half of the nineteenth century. It affected many people and countries. Lots of areas of society and the economy improved during this time for example banking, transportation and communication all changed for the better. ‘Western Europe underwent a period of rapid urbanization’ (Merriman, 1996, p.669). The population grew so the manufacturing industry had to change and improve in order to keep up with demand. Before industrialisation people earned less than they paid for food. During industrialisation people began to make up this difference by working longer hours and more days in a year, and by women and children also going to work. (Riley, 2001, p.261). There were…