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Industrial Revolution Essay

The Industrial Revolution is a major factor in what our present day society is like. The Industrial Revolution was the beginning of many new ideas, technology and changes. Although the Industrial Revolution did have its negative effects on the people living during that time, it was a blessing to world economy, and manufacturing.

The Industrial Revolution had many positive effects. For example, England became a far superior technologically advanced nation due to the Industrial Revolution. Also, it provided for much more people to have jobs as a result of increased employment. Both time and money were saved because of the new machinery and technology in place from the Industrial Revolution. This new technology made work much easier for people and allowed it so that many people could do the work of what only one person could previously do

These positive effects of the Industrial Revolution greatly influenced manufacturing for the better. The quality of products improved so that poorer people could now have better quality products at cheaper prices. These products were cheap because they could now be mass produced less expensively and more rapidly then they could pre-industrialization. This is an example of the growth and expansion of manufacturing.

However, these positive effects did not come without a cost. The Industrial Revolution did have many negative effects on the people of that time. Often in factories there was child labor, poor working conditions, long hours, and low pay. The children that worked in these factories often had to face many hardships and risks. They aged much too premature and some were malnutritioned as a result of working in factories. The Industrial Revolution did in a sense disrupt family life in a way never before seen in the world. It made it so that the young children were out of the house working, and so was the husband. Now all members of a family took on new responsibilities and jobs.

These negatives were obstacles in building our nation into what it is today. The truth is many people did face misery due to the Industrial Revolution, but without it our world would be very different. Our nation is founded on capitalism, and the industrial revolution was the essence of capitalism. The Industrial Revolution was indeed a great blessing to world economy and manufacturing as well. Although it might have been a hindrance to the society at that time, it molded the future into what it is today. A strong economic system with a vast network of manufacturing. So you see, the Industrial Revolution was a great blessing indeed.

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