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Inductive Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Deductive and Inductive Methods of Research

In the quest for logical, supportable and verifiable scientific answers there are two basic methods of reasoning used to approach the subject matter to be studied. These are known as the deductive and the inductive approaches. The two approaches provide quite different lines of attack when attempting to prove or disprove social theories. The information that is gathered is used by social work researchers as supporting evidence to establish connections between theories and empirical data. Rafael Engel and Russell Schutt, The Practice of Research in Social Work, explain “Theories help us understand how social problems emerge; they guide us in the design of interventions to help individuals, groups or communities”(Rafael. Schutt. 2005. p. 39). In the case of deductive reasoning…

Why logic is important

Logic is the foundation upon which our lives depend. Each of us, moments after birth, begin our journey exploring the world around us in search of what’s real, or safe, or fun, or comfortable – a quest to sort out sense from nonsense. These skills expand as we grow, for understanding what’s real and learning how to extrapolate from what little we know as babies, are the fundamental tools of survival. We learn that reaching for an object and retrieving it gets us something we want. From this one concept we begin to develop our own logical model of the world around us. When we can reach a cup, we experiment with that cup. At first we can only feel…

Crt 205 Deductive Reasoning

The important part of knowing and understanding the facts before making a decision is to make the right decision with the information that you already know. Without this, you can easily make a rash decision that could have consequences you did not think of before. For example in the third argument Mark was looking at a new Jeep as it would let him get his dream car and have room for a new baby. One factor to consider however; is if they plan on having more than one kid in the future. If they decide to have more kids then they will easily run out of room in a Jeep and they would be in the same predicament as they…