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Inditex Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Case Study Zara

Christian Deing Simon Luyken Julika Reusse Sebastian Stratmann Anna Worster 1. What are the sources of Zara’s competitive advantage? What is unique compared to H&M, The Gap and Benetton? competitive advantage Competitive advantage is defined as: • a performance feature, which is silhouetted against other competitors • has to be tenable and economic • is able to reach dimensions like price, time and quality, e. g. cost advantage or differentation advantage INDITEX. Brand ZARA Bershka Pull and Bear Massimo Dutti Stradivarius Oysho Number of stores 1501 573 567 461 INDITEX 444 363 ZARA Home Uterque Total 237 24 4. 170 Quelle: www. inditex. com ZARA • 1501 stores in 71 countries in 2008 • Employees 25. 000 • Employed €1,050 million…