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Indians Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Integration and Disintegration: Indians in South Africa

The story of Indians in South Africa is both a story of integration and disintegration into the national space. The processes and patterns of integration and disintegration of Indian community as a minority ethnicity is closely linked to the larger reality of South African freedom struggle and the subsequent efforts of building the new nation of South Africa as a post-apartheid democracy. On the other hand, it is important to remember that the very existence of Indians in South Africa itself is a result of the colonisation of South Africa. It is through the protracted decolonization process of South Africa, the Indian community too got assimilated into the national space. Struggles against both racism and colonisation have played an important…

Culture of Cherokee American Indians

Scholars differ on where the Cherokee subculture came from and when they arrived on their traditional lands in the Southeast. The archaeological record of human occupancy of the Southeast goes back to at least 10,000 B. C. (Muller, 1978, p. 283; Canouts and Goodyear, 1985, p. 181), but this does not mean the Cherokees, or even their very distant ancestors, were there that early. Cherokees, as Cherokees, did not exist nearly so far back in time, nor did they necessarily emerge from the first or even from early occupants of the Southeast. The Cherokees as a more or less distinct American Indian people seem to be at the very most only one or two thousand years old. They may have…