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Index Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Jérôme Kerviel and Société Générale

In brief Société Générale S.A. (SocGen) is a French multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in Paris. The company has a Corporate and Investment Banking division (Derivatives, Structured Finance and Euro Capital Markets). In the summer of 2000, Kerviel joined the middle offices in the bank Société Générale. He was working in the compliance department. In 2005 he was promoted to the bank’s Delta One products team in Paris where he was a junior trader. His role was to arbitrage futures contracts on stock market indexes In January 2008, the bank Société Générale lost approximately €4.9 billion closing out positions over three days of trading beginning January 21, 2008, a period in which the market was experiencing a large…

Ways to prevent air pollution

Energy Usage Pie Chart – Click drawing for more on air pollution Other ways are a bit more demanding. There are lots of things in the three lists below. Find the right methods and techniques for you. Where can we start reducing air pollution? It makes sense to attack this (or any) problem by examining and addressing the most important factors contributing to it.Handling air quality issues affecting most urban areas usually means taking care of transportation emissions. Be a Smart Drive. What does this mean? Approximately half of the air pollution seen in cities comes from cars and trucks. So, we have identified two easy but very important ways to prevent air pollution – try to drive less and…

Body mass index

In this assignment I will demonstrate every step of the process of determining my body mass index or BMI. After finding the body mass index I will then complete the following intervals based on my height. The formula used to determine the body mass index is BMI= 703W , where W represents a person weight in pounds and H represents a person H2 height in inches. My height is 70 inches. The first interval shows a compound inequality for: 17<BMI<22 17<703W<22 H2To make it an equivalent inequality I replaced the BMI with the formula 17<703W<22 702 My height in inches replaced H2 17<703W<22 4900then multiply by the height that was squared 17(4900)<703W<22(4900) 4900cancelling is performed 83300<703W<107800 multiplication carried out 83300<703W<107800…