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Increase Crime Among Youth Essay

1. This is to confirm that we have allotted flat no. D4 / E 5 admeasuring 920 Sq. ft.(built up area) on the Survey No.49 A / 7 constructed by us to shri PARAG VIJAY MODI for a total consideration of Rs.12,00,000/-(Rupee Twelve Lac Only)Under an agreement for sale dated 20 /12/2012.

2. We confirm that we have obtained necessary permission / approvals sanction for construction of said building from all the concerned competent authorities and the same are in force. The construction of the building as well as of the flat is in accordance with the approved plans. We assure that the said flat as well as the said building and the legal appurtenances there to be not subject to any encumbrances, charge or liability or any kind whatsoever and that the entire property is free from encumbrances and marketable. We have a clear, legal and marketable title to the said property and part thereof. 3. Shri. PARAG VIJAY MODI has/ have paid the total cost of Rs. 5,90,000/-(Rupees Five Lac Ninety thousand Only).

4. Possession of the said Unit/Gala/Shop/ Premises / Flat will be given to Shri. PARAG VIJAY MODI . 5. We have hereby confirm that we have NO OBJECTION to your giving finance to Shri. PARAG VIJAY MODI his & her mortgaging the said Flat to your Bank by way of security for repayment of such finance. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in the said agreement. We hereby register the Bank’s charge in our books in respect of the said Flat. AND Shri PARAG VIJAY MODI will not be permitted to transfer, assign, sell off or in any other way/ manner deal with the said Flat prejudicial to the interest of the Bank, without the prior written consent of your bank.

6. We undertake to form a Co-operative Society of the Flat holders of the aforesaid building under the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act.1960 within two years from the due hereof. We also agree to inform and given proper notice to the Co. operative Society as and when formed, about the said flat being so mortgaged to your Bank. 7. We are aware that relying on what is stared herein above, you have agreed to give the finance to Shri. PARAG VIJAY MODI


Your are requested to issue your pay order in favour of sarasvat Bank c/a No CAPUB /11 M/s Gagangiri Construction.

If No.5 is not applicable then cancel the same and renumber the remaining paragraph.

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