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Income statement Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Westlake Lanes Bowling

Date: March 10th 2010 ______________________________________________________________________________ As you know your business Westlake Lanes is currently not performing up to the mark. I think there are a lot of steps we can take for the betterment of the business. There are many problematic issues with the business and I have identified some of the core ones-: •It feels old, no major renovation done in a long time •More machines need to be replaced, maintenance expense is on the rise •Since 2004, Revenues have fallen by 50% and healthy profit five years ago has turned into a loss •Not targeting the right demographics of people aged 21-44 During my analysis, I looked at several scenarios, which included renovating the bowling alley into an…

Cisco’s Strategy in Recessionary Times

Executive Summary This report is an examination into the strategic management practices used by Cisco Systems, Inc., over the dot com bubble from 1997 to 2000 and an overview of Cisco as a company, and its acquisitions over the past 20 years. The report was created by Alex Quigley, Eoin McCrann and Daniel Ozac, as part of a continuous assessment deliverable as part of BSHCE3, Hons Degree in computing at the National College of Ireland. It is supported by a PowerPoint presentation of the same name, in the attached appendix. Introduction The report will first review the literature used during the research of the topic and outline the types of information resources used during the reports generation and an overview of…

Circuit City

1). Which of the three approaches to accounting for extended warranty and service contracts is most consistent with the actual substance of a sales transaction involving equipment and an extended warranty contract? Approach number one, the Full revenue recognition is the most consistent due to the reasons which are demonstrated on exhibit two according to the Financial Accounting concept No.5. As stated in this exhibit, Revenues must be both realized and earned prior to the recognition. In this case, after selling the goods and services Circuit city at that point of sale both revenue and earnings have been realized because goods have exchanged hands. At this point of time, even though the cost services haven’t been used, there is a…