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In What Ways Have Large Business Organizations Changed Essay

In what ways have large business organizations changed in recent decades? Large business organizations have changed in recent decades in a few ways. Some of this ways are that are not always a conventional bureaucracy, they are more open and flexible, the technology used, and the political and economic trends are always changing. Plus there are others, but I’m going to elaborate on the one I had mentioned. In the past organizations had use a conventional bureaucracy approach (the pyramid), where it is a top-down flow. The upper level manager would give instructions to be carried out, and the lower level workers would carry out the instructions. But now days it is a more open and flexible place to work; where instructions are carried out by all members of the organization.

And unlike the bureaucracy approach, the open and flexible approach gives the decision making to most or all members of the organization. There has defiantly been a significantly change in the department of technology over the decades. The technology used in the past was files, records, telephones, and fax machines. Now we use computers, the Internet and Web, e-mails, and mobile devices. The connection to the Internet and the Web has even changed over the years since we started to use them. Instead of being a steady passed organization and society that we once was we have quickened are pass to our now fast past world on the go at ever moment.

The trends of economy and politics play a role in the organization’s environment, such as the outside factors of an organization that can affect the operation of business. This would include the current events, available workforce, technology, and other organizations. And as the times change, the resources changes with it. Couple decades ago the times where good for what it was, but now days, with the recession times are good for some and not good for others. The recent layoffs, foreclosures, and natural disastrous, in the past few years has not helped a lot, but we are coming back together.

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