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Implementing a plan for workforce diversity is in any organizations not easy Essay

The fact that you are dealing with people of diverse backgrounds makes the implementation difficult. “Diversity in the work force represents an effort towards ensuring a high performing inclusive workforce” (http://www. ornl. gov). When trying to promote diversity in a population based public health has its problems to.

“Population-based practice focuses on the entire range of factors that determine health rather than just personal health risks or disease”. (http://www. health. tate. mn. us). Things taken into consideration are social status, education, employment, and personal health. If I was in charge of developing a plan for implementing a population based health institution, I would first look at the population itself. I would collect data on the health of the population; analyze that data taking into consideration the risk factor. I would then try to identify the cause of the health issues of the people and find out what their needs are. I would consult with others with knowledge of this nature, such as the stakeholders.

Then I would derive the best solution for serving the people. Doing this would present some problems. Working with a diverse population would be a problem if not handled properly. If the workers aren’t educated in dealing with people of diverse backgrounds then they will be unable to meet their needs. “One of the great challenges facing organizations is getting all employees, from the CEO to the hourly workers, to realize that to become the best, they have to embrace diversity” (http://www. nwlink. com). Therefore, I would mandate that all employees take a course in diversity.

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