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Imperative Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The Categorical Imperative

In addressing the issue of the existence of moral truths, Immanuel Kant presents one of the more popular meta-ethical theories we have today. Deriving his ethics from a purely rational standpoint, he presented a theory which may apply to any action made by any individual in any situation (Guthrie, 2001); one which, in his words, “should be determined solely from a priori principles without any empirical motives, and which we might call a pure will, but volition in general” (Kant, 1785). Morality is a priori Kant believed that individuals should, of their own accord, perform decisions and actions solely for morality’s sake. In his Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysic of Morals, Kant (1785) argues that morality is a priori, that…

H.B. Fuller Case Glue Sniffing

H. B. Fuller’s moral obligations in this case are to do everything they can to prevent illegal distribution and use of their products. Being the leading manufacturer of industrial glues worldwide, it is impossible for the company to get rid of products that kids are misusing. Yes, the company can take steps to stop it, which they are by not selling it to retailors and small business owners in Honduras and Guatemala where the biggest abuse problem is. However, this company cannot be morally responsible for every single person who chooses to use their product in the wrong way. Like the mission statement says, they will conduct business ethically… be a responsible corporate citizen. These are their moral obligations and…