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Immigration Paper Essay

From the 1840s to the 1880s and again from the 1890s to the 1920s, immigrants poured into the United States for many different reasons. Immigrants were faced with challenges such as saving and spending money, blending with others and the Potato Famine in Ireland. Immigrants were treated differently on their appearances, the way they speak and customs they had. The potato famine in Ireland drove the Irish from their homeland to America. Some immigrants, English was a primary language, for others learning a new language would be difficult. Immigrants moved to America came to become successful people.

In the mid 1800s, people wanted to find the best deals that they could, without spending all of their money. Document 1, the advertisement for cheap land illustrates one of the reasons why immigrants came to the United States. The land advertisement sold for as little as $8 and up to $12 an acre. Many immigrants were farmers and felt they could eventually become wealthy farming in Illinois.

All immigrants struggled with surviving in the United States because of many different things. Immigrants faced challenges such as blending in with others. Document 2 demonstrates how the American Federation of Labor (AFL) wanted a restriction on immigrants entering the country. They wanted to make immigrants take an illiteracy test to determine whether they have education and what skills they have. To become a citizen, there were many different obstacles.

Although many immigrants came to America by choice, some were without a choice. The Potato Famine in Ireland forced many to immigrate to America. The Potato Famine was a disease that made potato plants to rot in the ground, destroying many crops. Since they lost their main food source, they spent thousands of euros on grain from America to plant, to live off of. After unemployment, loss of money and less food to survive on, many of the Irish immigrated to the United States for money and a new way of life.

Between the 1840s up until the 1920s, immigrants were becoming a big percentage of the population. Immigrants had to save money for rent, food and the lives of their families. Blending in with Americans was hard with a different language, culture, customs and way of life. The Irish were driven out of their country because of a disease in their main food source. Immigrants came to America to start a new life for their family, for new economic opportunities and better conditions.

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