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Immigrant Essay Topics & Paper Examples

My Experience, Extracurricular and Personal Activities

Being an immigrant from South Korea, I am so much fascinated by the system of education and other socio-architecture surrounding the administration of your institution from a general view. My life has been eventful in a way while I was in high school. I am a Christian devotee with high sense of commitment in leadership position any where I find the privilege to service people. I happened to be the Praise Team leader for my church in High School. The work entails coordination of members of choir to bringing out the best in them through regular encouragement with inspirational words, among others. I equally use to arrange vocational training session where new beginners get accustomed to our activities sooner after…

Cultural Pluralism

Since the immigrants first arrived from other countries to the United States, they were having a hard in the U. S. A. It is long, hard and painful. They thought they could have a better life in the U. S. A; the true is there was many problems are waiting for them. Because of immigrants usually don’t speak the dominate language of U. S. A, so the only jobs they could do is the lower class job with low paying. So immigrants are having hard time to live in the U. S. A; But sine have more immigrants came to the U. S. A, they started live as a group which is the ethnic enclaves, because of the ethnic enclaves immigrant…

Interview with Suriname Immigrant Sophia

I did not know who I would be able to interview for this assignment as I did not personally know anyone who had immigrated to Los Angeles. So, I started to ask around and my uncle (who works at the Bradbury Elderly Center) mentioned an old lady who gave him a hard time every time he delivered to her room. He told me that her name was Sophia and that she had been with the Center for the last ten years, her family having all died years ago. Often, the high schools went to visit the elderly there, taking cookies at holidays and reading the paper to them on a weekly basis. It was with some trepidation that I pulled…