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Images Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The Rhetorical Appeal of Images

Crewell, Draper and Mitchell write that pathos relies on emotional responses to pull people to their side. According to the Association for Psychological Science, people respond to emotional stimuli consciously and unconsciously. People do not plan to get emotionally affected by images. It all depends on whether the image is emotionally arousing enough. Emotional appeal is essential when trying to persuade people. Lane and Nadel describe emotions as action dispositions. If people use relatable pathos-laden images to ask for help, they will be successful because people’s emotions can be quickly translated into action. Prentice Hall Reference Guide made a mistake in choosing Figure 5. 3 to represent images’ pathos. I believe it is ineffective and unemotional image. It captures neither…

The Images of Women in Film

The two films being evaluated in this essay are Now, Voyager and Pretty Woman. Both movies tackle the stories of one lead character, a woman and her transformation from one type of personality – usually the underdog — into another which is more successful. This common formulaic plot of an “ugly duckling” evolving to become a beautiful swan has often been used as a storyboard for romantic films since viewers usually identify with the character who at first seems like the loser, but in the end becomes the victor. The image of Charlotte Vale at the beginning of the film is that of a typical old maid — in conservative clothes, flat shoes, without make-up, with glasses, and without any…

Curious Images

Images are significant parts of our lives as they confine and define all that is familiar to us. Human mind has a tendency to associate feelings with images. Each feeling has a face; our fears, contemplations, pleasure, hope, failure etc. , all have a face. So vivid are these faces that as soon as an emotion or thought sprouts in the mind, an image flashes to gratify our senses; so strong is the grip of these images that we keep relating and projecting our thoughts, feelings and memories with them.